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Top Tips for Stress-Free Moving with Kids & Pets

Looking for local moving companies with experience in moving pets? At Transcorp Removals & Storage, we’re specialists in all areas of changing address – including moving with kids and pets. As highly reputed removalists and pet movers in Melbourne, we have expert cat and dog movers who can safely transport your animals so you don’t have to worry. Our services are designed to help you in moving house and drastically reduce your stress.

Next time you’re searching for “removalists near me” that offer insurance, packing, unpacking and furniture storage , don’t hesitate to contact our team. But if you want to DIY your house move, you can still benefit from our experience helping clients who are moving with kids or moving with pets thanks to this handy blog post. Read on to find out our top tips for moving house with pets or children.

Tips for Moving with Kids


Use Excitement

When children are excited about something and looking forward to it, they have less fear and anxiety. Frame the house move as a positive thing and talk about all the advantages of moving house, such as a backyard to run around in, nearby playgrounds, and their new room.

Pack Kids Rooms Last & Unpack them First

If you pack up the children’s rooms last, it will keep things normal for them for as long as possible, even while the rest of the house is a bit of a mess of boxes. When you arrive at your new address, unpack their rooms first so they have an area where they can easily play and sleep.

Let Kids Help

Children love to get involved in family activities, as it makes them feel part of things. Moving house is no exception. Give them easy tasks to complete to help you move, or equip older kids with a checklist to tick off.

Pack a Picnic

A picnic lunch or dinner pre-prepared and put into a hamper can take stress out of moving by ensuring you have food on hand to give to your little ones when they start to get hungry and grumpy.

Get Medical & School Records

Early on before you move, it’s good to obtain medical and school records from the appropriate places so you have all official documentation ready to hand over to your kid’s new doctor and new school after your move.

Tips for Moving Pets


Check Your New Place is Pet Friendly

Before you commit to making a move, you need to ensure potential new residences are pet-friendly – especially if you’re renting! Look for doggie doors and cat flaps as well as scoping out nearby dog parks for walks with your doggie pal if you won’t have a big backyard.

Secure Your Pets During the Move

Pets can easily get frightened by people coming and going with furniture and boxes, and sometimes they can slip out a doorway or open window unnoticed. It’s always best to shut your pet securely in a separate room so they stay calm and accounted for during the move. Put a notice on the door to warn people your pet is inside.

Get Vet Records & Double Check ID

Animals can find moving stressful, sometimes even escaping and trying to return to the old house. It’s a good idea when moving with pets to ensure your animal is micro-chipped and your latest details are associated with it in case they wander off. You should also get all vet records in order before the move so you can provide these to your new vet.

Bring Pet Food & Medications

To make sure your pet is happy, you’ll need to bring along pet food and any medications they’re currently taking. Keep these items in an easy to access compartment in the car. Also bring along water and a poop bag, especially if you’re driving a long way during the move.

Get Assistance to Stay Relaxed

A great way of making your move easier is to hire one of the best local moving companies to help with packing, unpacking and moving pets. When you’re relaxed about your move, your kids and pets will be too, as they won’t catch on to your anxiety. To get the best support for your move, call Transcorp Removals & Storage today on 1300 466 838.

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