Transit and Storage Insurance

Furniture generally is not designed to be moved regularly or in some cases not at all! Although Transcorp Removals and Storage has award winning evidence of our quality of workmanship and all our furniture removalist are highly experienced with fully equipped trucks, it is important to note that regardless of the precautions we take to transport and store your furniture items there are outside incidences that can occur and are not within our control such as weather, truck or rail accidents, floods, shock, fire, theft, vibration and other like causes. For this reason we have and strongly recommend that you consider transit and / or storage insurance. You can choose from a variety of insurance options and it may be cheaper than you think? Moving & Storing your items can be stressful as it is and our competitive insurance options help eliminate this added burden of concern that you may have.

To make it easier, we have also provided an approximate packing, move, boxes, storage and insurance summary at Melbourne Removalists Costs  or Interstate Removalists Costs to be able to estimate your total moving costs.

We can provide insurance for the following (provided we are perform your moving and storage requirements)

  • Full Cover
  • Transit
  • Storage Only
  • Transit and Storage
  • Restricted Cover
  • Market Value
  • Replacement Cost

You would need to complete the insurance declaration form (easy editable PDF form) once you have read and agreed to the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) and FSG (Financial Services Guide). If needed please consult with your insurance qualified sales representative.

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