Self-Storage Facilities – Making it Easy!

Generally, Self-Storage Facilities are best if you need regular access to your goods whilst in storage. Transcorp Removals & Storage is a managed storage facility (not self-storage) but we have close alliances with other interstate self-storage facilities. For this reason we have invested in providing you, our potential customer with direct links to other self-storage facilities – Australia Wide. We can easily move you to or from these storage facilities.

Some Storage Tips for you to consider:

Use a Managed Storage Facility (Transcorp Removals & Storage) when

  • You do not require access to your goods in storage
  • You do not have the capacity to move your goods to storage (preferred)
  • You do not have the capacity to move your goods from storage (preferred)
  • You do not wish to have your goods handled multiple times (example container storage)
  • You need the removal team FREE of charge to protect your belongings with plastic covers and furniture blankets whilst in storage
  • You prefer an inventory and condition report is perform for in/out of storage
  • You prefer storage insurance is taken directly with the Managed Storage facility (you can also include the transit insurance to and from the managed storage facility)
  • You need the removal and storage company to provide you with a hassle free end to end service.
  • Potential fixed price interstate or local removal and storage quotation.

Use a Self-Storage facility when

  • You need regular access to your goods and storage area
  • You prefer to move your goods into self-storage
  • You prefer to personally move your goods out of storage\
  • You need to move your part of your goods regularly in/out of storage often (as a small warehouse type environment)
  • You wish to purchase your own protective equipment when storing your goods.
  • You prefer storage insurance is taken directly with the self-storage facility
  • You do not need an end to end removal and storage service.

Please Note: Transcorp Removals can move you to and from any Melbourne or Interstate Self-Storage facility of your choice.

Please click here for further information on Self-Storage facilities “CLICK HERE”

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