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Self Storage & Removalists

Self Storage Facility & Removalists – Must Read Information

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Moving House with a furniture removalist & need to store goods?

Self Storage Facility- Potential problems may occur depending if the removalists has or hasn’t got storage facilities themselves.This article is most relevant if you need regular access to your goods in storage and have decided on using a Self Storage Facility for this main reason (or the removalists decided for you). If a removalists moves your goods into a self storage facility that they have signed up directly then the following risks apply.

  1. You may not have access to your goods as the removalists signed the Self Storage contract putting the removalists in control of your goods.
  2. A removalists may be charged one price by the Self Storage Facility but they may add a large margin and charge you directly.
  3. If the removalists has issues with paying the Self Storage Facility then your goods may be in jeopardy with owing fees.
  4. You may be disappointed to know that the Self Storage Facility can’t give you direct access even if you turn up to their storage address.
  5. The Removalists may charge you access and re-delivery charges for a few items.
  6. You indirectly may be putting the Self Storage Facility reputation at risk when they haven’t been at fault by following contractual procedures.

So to make is easier please consider Self Storage Facilities on the SSA web-site or Self Storage partners and negotiate your rates directly with them and have the storage unit (s) signed yourself giving you total control. Let the removalists know where you want it delivered, including delivering hours and where possible be there to check it is packed inside the storage unit to your satisfaction. Obviously, if you are pleased with the removalists efforts and professionalism then there is no reason you can’t utilize their services when you are ready to move back out again.

Managed Storage Facility – If you do NOT require regular access to your goods in storage then seriously consider a removalists with ‘Managed Storage’ (this is what Transcorp Removals & Storage offers). This is different to Self Storage as the removalists has the ability to use their own warehouse facility to store furniture and protect  the furniture safely with blankets, plastic covers etc (normally at NO extra cost to you) within home boxes and/or steel 20ft containers. Accessing your furniture whilst in a  managed storage facility is not recommended as it needs to typically be pre-booked 1-2 days earlier with the removalists so that your goods are ready for you to pick and choose what you need. It also comes with access fees charges as the manager and storeman need to be present. An example of what managed storage looks like please refer to the following – Managed Storage Units

Wishing you the very best in your furniture storage requirements and I hope this has helped you.

John Christoforidis
Transcorp Removals & Storage
Voted # 1 – Last 4 Years
AFRA & Toll Accredited Company

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