Australian Interstate Quarantine Requirements

In addition to having controls on goods that can enter Australia from overseas, Australia also has rules and regulations about the movement of goods between states, or within states.

Pests, diseases and weeds can travel with you or your tools and equipment as you move to different locations of Australia. There are restrictions on what you can take as you cross state and quarantine borders within Australia. There are also biosecurity or quarantine zones within each state and territory to limit the spread of pests that are localised to that area. Heavy penalties apply and we can refuse to move items on banned list so it is wise to carefully consider what and how to transport certain items. Being prepared and well educated is the safest method. Transcorp strongly recommends you download a copy of Australian Interstate Quarantine: A travellers guide.

Pests, diseases and weeds can be spread from one part of Australia to another through the movement of many items including:

  • plant or plant products
  • fruit and vegetables
  • animals or animal products
  • soil
  • agricultural machinery and other equipment used within the household
  • recreational equipment.

If you are unsure of what you can or can not move interstate or what the condition the goods need to be in when travelling in our vehicles or containers then please contact the quarantine HOTLINE on 1300 466 838 to ensure any questions that you may have prior to obtaining quotes or moving items are resolved.

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