Unpacking Service when Moving House

Transcorp specialize in valet un-packing of your precious items and boxes. Hit the ground running in your new home, with our unpacking team and home set up service.

Some of what we can offer.

  • Over 30 Years of extensiveexperience
  • Highly Qualified staff
  • Friendly and Efficient
  • Limit what you need to do
  • Part or Full Un Pack of boxes
  • Part Un Pack your kitchen or breakables items on the day with the removal team
  • Valet unpacking – day after you settle in to your new home
  • Un wrapping of your picture & paintings
  • Fragile un packing of other delicate items
  • Specialized crates made for oversized items
  • Wipe cupboards, shelves and bench tops clean
  • Set up kitchen -glasses, crockery, cutlery, appliances and pantry
  • Make beds and organize bedrooms
  • Unpack, fold and hang clothes in wardrobes
  • Set up bathrooms, fold and color coordinate linen and towels
  • Set up living areas, place special items on display
  • Arrange books, CD’s and DVDs onto shelves
  • Set up and organize children’s rooms
  • Unpack and organize home offices
  • Tipping of unwanted goods
  • Help take unwanted items to charities
  • Removal of packing boxes & debris.
Choose the level of service you need

Assist Unpack: Book our valet unpacking service for a set period of time. Where the team is focusing on your priority areas such as your kitchen or a ‘breakables only’ unpacking service. Your qualified sales consultant can provide an indicative cost on your unpacking requirements

Full Unpack: Book our full and comprehensive valet unpacking service. Where all of your belongings are unpacked for you by our highly qualified and experienced unpacking staff. Your qualified sales consultant can provide an indicative cost on your unpacking requirements, which is dependent on size of move (bedrooms, study, garage etc.) and how furnished your home actually is.

Your expectation of our unpacking staff

You can expect 2 by Transcorp unpacking staff to valet unpack an average of 8-10 boxes per hour. Therefore within a minimum of 4 Hours (if booked the day after the move day) you can expect the 2 packing staff to have unpacked approximately 32 to 40 boxes. This is equivalent to unpacking a relatively fully furnished 1 plus study to 2 bedroom house. Our team will help set up the beds and put items away for you making the re-settling easy.

Benefits to you – Save time, reduce the stress and effort of your move

Our unpacking staff can efficiently unpack and get you settled quickly in your new home. On your own, this could take days or weeks to complete whilst juggling so many other tasks. With us unpacking for you, you can focus on other priorities, like family needs and organizing essential services for your new home.


Moving can be stressful when you are surrounded by mountains of boxes and cannot easily find the things you need. We will work speedily to place everything away and make your new home tidy. Your empty removals cartons can then be promptly removed too.

Getting organized

Our unpacking staff are friendly and mature with plenty of moving experience. Having helped people move and set up a variety of homes over many years, their organizing ideas and suggestions will delight you.

Help for as long as you need

Typically our Un Packing Service is charged at an affordable hourly rate or even a box rate, with a minimum of two valet un-packers for four hours (approximately 32-40 boxes can be valet un- packed in this time), extendable at any time. Choose as much un-packing help for your move as required. If we are only un-packing a hand full of boxes then in may be possible to be performed by our removal teams as an hourly rate on the actual move day itself.

Save time and reduce the stress of your move. Call 1300 466 838 to find out more.

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