Pre Move Assist Service when Moving House

Transcorp can assist with pre-move assistance prior to the packing and/or moving day. From small to large house moves nothing if too difficult. Over 30 Years’ experience with highly qualified staff at your service.

Some of what we can offer.

  • Over 30 Years of extensive experience
  • Highly Qualified staff
  • Friendly and Efficient
  • Limit what you need to do
  • Decluttering can help sell your house for more
  • Re-arrange furniture within house ready making for sale
  • Small or large moving trucks at your service
  • Removal of unwanted furniture early on
  • Part pre-pack of any items well before moving day
  • Packing of your garage and /or shed for items not in use
  • Specialized packing of fine artwork
  • Fragile packing of other delicate items
  • Specialized crates made for oversized items
  • Tipping of unwanted goods
  • Help take unwanted items to charities
  • Removal of packing boxes & debris.
How we help – Making Your Move Easy
  • Kitchen and laundry– clean and make white goods and appliances ready for transit. Food sorted into what to take or discard.
  • Priority moving carton– put aside valuable items like remote controls, shelf supports, keys and furniture assembly instructions.
  • Sort items according to their destination– organize items to accompany you personally, those going into storage or to be transported by our removalists to your new home.
  • Separate items not to be packed– travel documents, important work and personal files, jewellery, mobile phones, electronic devices, cables and power adaptors, medicines and prescriptions.
  • First night survival kit– an essentials kit with kitchen items, toiletries, bed linen, nightwear, clothing, children’s favorite toys and foods, pet needs, tea/coffee, cups, bowls and cutlery, toaster and kettle.
  • Declutter– independent, experienced advice to help you sort and identify what you don’t need to take with you for your move. Giveaways and excess items organized for family, friends and charities.
Benefits to you
  • Save time, reduce the stress and effort of your move – Our pre-packers are friendly and mature with plenty of packing and moving experience. They will work quickly and efficiently to get everything ready to move before your removal crews arrive. A Pre Move Assist can save you weeks of preparation time and minimize the disruption of any size move.
  • Focus on the important things – With the sorting and organizing being done for you, you can focus on other priorities like family and essential services for your home.
  • An organized move is a quicker, better move – If you are totally ready when our removal team arrive to pack/move your belongings, the move will run more efficiently potential saving you valuable time and money!
  • Hourly or Box Rate – Typically our Pre-Packing Service is charged at an affordable hourly rate or box rate, with a minimum of two pre-packers for four hours (approximately 30-40 boxes can be packed in this time), extendable at any time. Choose as much packing help for your move as required. If we are only packing a hand full of boxes then in may be possible to be performed by our removal teams as an hourly rate on the actual move day itself.

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