Packing Guide & Moving Tips

A FREE guide if you prefer that Transcorp provides you with packing boxes & materials prior to your move date and you wish to pack some or all the items by yourself making ready for the move day.

For your convenience we have included a few tips and hints that will come in handy when planning your move. By following our simple suggestions we are confident that your move with Transcorp will be a smooth and pleasant experience. We all have our favorite china pieces, that special dinner set, a delicate sentimental item, a special vase or artwork requiring bubble wrapping and a bulky blanket which cannot be left behind! But are all items packed in a similar fashion? Of course not! So, how do you do it? Our guide to packing boxes outlines how to correctly pack your boxes and provides tips on how to pack specific items including delicate and bulky pieces.

A Few Things To Consider

Decided to pack your goods yourself, please consider some hints:

  • Order Transcorp’s quality packing materials that can be delivered to your door.
  • Make sure you have everything packed when we arrive. Packing and wrapping may take longer than expected.
  • Pack everything that can be boxed (close the top so a box can go onto box).
  • Use thick and sturdy cartons and ensure they have a lid.
  • Avoid having loose items.
  • Make sure that you line the bottom and the sides of boxes with screwed up paper that you pack breakables in.
  • Wrap each breakable item in butcher paper. Avoid using newspapers as they can leave black marks.
  • Secure the boxes with packaging tape by taping the top and bottom in a crossover pattern. and place it upside down in the carton.
  • Plates or like items should be placed vertically in cartons totally wrapping every plate.
  • Wrap each glass and crockery
  • Avoid making the boxes heavier than 15 kilos.
  • Remember to clearly label the boxes with your name, delivery address and destination room.
  • Only write “Fragile” on glassware and like items.
Moving Tips & Advice
  • Do not disconnect the phone at the pickup address until the day after the move.
  • If you have a mobile phone keep it on. Ensure that you have provided us with contact numbers.
  • Please try to ensure that there is space for the truck to park outside the pickup and delivery addresses.
  • Keep driveways and walkways clear from obstacles.
  • Do not forget to take everything you need for the time between pickup and delivery or for your onwards travel. This includes passports, cheque books, wallets, mobile phones, tickets and the kids favorite toys.
  • Please remember to notify building managers
  • Please check and notify us if there are any parking restrictions in or around your premises that we need to be aware of.
  • Please ensure that everything that was supposed to be moved has been packed and loaded before the truck leaves.
  • Please note that we cannot accept dangerous goods.
  • Please note that Pot Plants cannot be transported either to or from Western Australia. Also please be aware that fruit boxes may not be used for packing, due to quarantine restrictions.
  • Remember to redirect your mail to your new residence or to a relative or friend. Please visit Australia Post Redirections for a free mail re-direction booklet.
  • Seriously consider taking out insurance to cover your relocation and/or storage. As careful as all removalist are, from time to time accidents out of our control may happen. Like Home Insurance, as AFRA accredited members we are authorized to offer restricted or full comprehensive insurance as part of your quote. Our insurance rates are listed in this web-site.
Booking your Move
  • Provide us with all contact numbers for both the pickup and delivery address. If you have a mobile phone please tell us the number and keep it switched on.
  • Please let us know in advance about any access issues at the pickup and delivery addresses. This includes clear ways, lifts, stairways, walk ways, above or below ground floor pickups and deliveries.
Preparing other Items
  • Put large pictures and prints into flattened cartons.
  • Dismantle swings, aerials, garden sheds, cubby houses, BBQ’s and other outdoor items that you want us to move.
  • Empty fuel from any motor driven bikes, tools and equipment.
  • Do not lock the handles of motor bikes to allow for easy moving.
  • Twist the handlebars of push bikes in the same direction as the frame.
  • Gas bottles must be emptied, certified as purged before we can move them.
  • Take the knobs off doors and drawers (if possible)if they protrude too much.
  • Leave heavy furniture such as cupboards, chests of drawers and wardrobes empty.
  • Disconnect cables from TVs, stereos, videos and other home entertainment equipment. Label and pack the cables.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers. Do not leave this until the day of the move. Empty water from drip trays.
  • Certain equipment such as printers, photo copiers and washing machines need to have their moving parts secured before transport. Consult the user manual for how to do this.
Dangerous Goods

Please note that Transcorp cannot take the following items:

  • Radioactive material
  • Toxins & Poisons
  • Explosives
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Corrosives
  • Firearms

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