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Moving to Adelaide: Why You Should & Shouldn’t

Are you thinking of moving to Adelaide? It could be a big step for you, creating a home in a whole new city. But how will you know if living in Adelaide is the right move at this point in your life? Transcorp Removals & Storage is here to help by giving you a rundown of the Adelaide lifestyle, including weather, travel, buying and renting, culture, food, education, work and even where you might consider living.


Adelaide is known for its mild winters and warm, dry summers. The city is not humid at all. Occasionally, you might experience high spikes of temperature during summer up to 40°C. Adelaide is in a zone with a high UV rating, so make sure you slip slop slap while enjoying the sun. Don’t get caught with sunburn after moving to Adelaide.

Public Transport and Travelling

Moving to Adelaide can be made cheaper through backloading, which uses excess space on vehicles booked for the same destination you want your stuff to go to. Once you’re in Adelaide, you’ll find public transport consisting of buses, trams and trains available with the economical purchase of a metroCARD. You may even find that a car is not necessary if you use a combination of public transport and GoGet (a local car share service) with convenient pickup and drop off points across the city. However, some people may prefer the extra convenience of having their own car, despite the added costs.

Buying and Renting Costs

Moving to Adelaide could bring you relief in the form of a much more affordable housing market, and we’re talking both renting and buying. As of 2020, the median price for a rental in Adelaide is $450 per week, while the average house price is $700,000.

Culture and Lifestyle

Being a smaller city, the culture and lifestyle is more laidback and community-minded than some of the larger cities in Australia. Moving to Adelaide will allow you to take advantage of cultural events such as some of the city’s well-known festivals like The Adelaide Fringe, The Adelaide Show, WOMAdelaide and the Garden of Unearthly Delights. However, when the festival season dies out for the year, you may be left with a rather quiet nightlife.

Food & Drink

Living in Adelaide puts you within one of Australia’s most renowned wine regions. As well as the finest wines, many wineries also have restaurants offering fine dining to delight the most seasoned gourmet palate. However, Adelaide doesn’t have the population to feature cultural hotspots and authentic ethnic cuisine in the same way that some of the larger cities do, which is something to keep in mind.


Moving to Adelaide will put you in the vicinity of many prestigious and progressive universities. Just because Adelaide is a smaller city doesn’t mean you need to compromise as far as education opportunities are concerned. With a quieter city campus, you may not have the typical university experience as you would at another city, although this may suit some people.


Before moving to Adelaide, you may be concerned about what kinds of jobs you’ll be able to find in the city. Unfortunately the pool is smaller, with fewer opportunities available compared to larger cities. However, industries that have historically shown growth in Adelaide include manufacturing, construction, education, food and wine, ICT, health, real estate, and retail. Networking in your industry is a method that will suit the small community minded city. Use SEEK, CareerOne or LinkedIn to get your foot in the door.

Where to Live

You’ll discover there’s an abundance of different living options in Adelaide to suit every lifestyle. If you like to live near the beach, try suburbs such as Glenelg, Henley Beach or Semaphore. If you wish to live in suburbs closer to the CBD, try the suburbs of Adelaide, Kensington, North Adelaide and Malvern.

Need Help Moving To Adelaide?

Thinking of moving to Adelaide, but not sure about all the logistics? We make moving interstate simple at Transcorp Removals & Storage. Call us today on 1300 466 838 to find out how easy and affordable your move can be.


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