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Moving House in Melbourne

Tips On Selecting Your Removalists

Moving House Locally in Melbourne or Interstate to/from Melbourne?
Melbourne, the place to be!
So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to relocate and move to lovely Melbourne. Congratulations! Now for the more difficult but exciting part; actually finding a home you wish to move into that ticks all the boxes. As Melbourne has become one of the most popular destinations for families moving home over the last few years, this may be a little difficult. Not to worry though, as soon as you have found yourself that dream home, all the hard work is done; so leave the rest to the moving and storage professionals.

Furniture Removals, Moving Home, Packing, Moving Boxes, Backloading, Backloads, Moving Trucks, Removalists, Self Storage and Furniture Storage have all become part of many Australians daily vocabulary.

So, wouldn’t you like to know all about the processes and procedures of moving homes and/or storing your goods? After all it may have taken you months to pay off your plasma and that beautiful modular lounge needs to be well looked after! Therefore, wouldn’t you really prefer your furniture belongings be professionally transported whether locally in Melbourne or interstate to Melbourne?

Herein lies the reason for choosing a professional removal company to move your furniture and household items. You have worked long and hard to furnish your home and do not want your goods damaged and tattered moving into a new home by trying it yourself or using a backyard operator.

As tempting as it is to borrow Uncle Ed’s trailer and DIY furniture removals, don’t be fooled; moving furniture is not easy and requires years of knowledge and a good understanding of how to lift and move furniture such as fridges, lounges, cabinets and beds in/ out of tight doorways and around corners. For only a little extra than hiring a rental truck and with all its associated charges and risks including insurance, fuel, trolleys, blankets etc not to say that you may also not fit all your furniture belongings on the first load (you may need to do more than 1 trip as a car license only allows you to rent a 3 Tonne Truck) you can choose to sit back, have a coffee and watch it all get it done with the moving professionals, quickly and efficiently. You may also choose to speed up the loading and unloading process and intern significantly reduce your moving costs by helping the furniture removalists in bringing out the small items such as boxes, chairs, bags and any other light weight items. Or you can sit back and watch their quality of work. After all, you only move a few times in your lifetime, so enjoy your moving experience!

More importantly, using a quality and an experienced furniture removalists means that your goods will be well protected with proper blankets to safely cover your belongings, an ability and understanding to correctly disassemble and reassemble beds and cabinets, experience on how to safely and securely tie down furniture and large items in the moving truck against the side wall tie rails, free use of tailgates/ ramps to make it easy moving furniture on/of the truck, having all the correct equipment to move your belongings including a furniture trolley for the fridge and cabinets, dolly trolley for heavy pieces that just get under an internal door or even a specialized piano trolley for that upright piano or billiard table.

Most reputable companies have extensive experience and take extreme care when moving and storing your goods. Additionally, most companies understand and appreciate your goods are precious and hold more than a monetary value. For the reasonable amount it may cost you to employ moving professionals to relocate your furniture, you certainly gain more in peace of mind that your furniture goods may not be damaged. When deciding on employing a professional company to assist your move to/ within Melbourne, here are a few points to consider:

1. Furniture Removal Rates – Cheapest is not always best!
Don’t use a backyard removals that has a small advert in the local paper without clearly knowing their ability, equipment and any referrals you can rely on. There are also numerous factors involved with costs for a local move that many do not tell you until the final bill is calculated. Cheap may also mean that they may take longer and ‘milk’ the time so that they maximize your charges. The truck may not be well equipped to handle your furniture and may not even be big enough so they may need to do more than 1 load meaning that you are paying for all that extra time. You may have additional charges for tolls or credit card payments! Always move with a company where you can complete an inventory of what you have so that they can confirm that it will all be done in one load, fast and efficient with great testimonials to back them up.

2. Furniture Moving Charges- Depot to Depot VS Door to Door Removals
This is extremely critical to clearly understand as many YES many removal companies including larger entities have various depots housing their trucks. BEWARE! As your chargeable time will start when they departed the depot until they return back to their depot! Be sure to select a company which only charges from YOUR pick up point to the final destination. It is called Door to Door NOT Depot to Depot. This will dramatically cut the costs of your move.

3. Furniture Removals – Moving Experience speaks a thousand words!
Companies which have been in the industry for over 20 years are doing something right! When moving extremely valuable items including china cabinets, antiques and pianos, experience in the industry goes a long way. In addition, larger removal companies are more likely to be transparent and have set procedures and policies should any unforeseen incidents occur. Always ask for their paperwork before you book and read up to clearly understand their rates, charges and other associated questions you may have. You will be the wiser and a lot more comfortable and confident of a great decision you have made on the exciting day.

4. Furniture Removals – Benefits of using a professional moving company
Once a move is booked, professional companies do not cancel at the last minute as friends or family might do; your goods are much more secure in an enclosed truck as opposed to a trailer or utility vehicle to the weather and wind elements; the total time to move your goods is drastically reduced giving you quality time to put things away and set up quickly and removal companies provide materials inside the truck to secure and protect your goods in transit.

I hope this has assisted in making you wiser in moving home locally in Melbourne or Interstate to this great city called Melbourne! I wish you the very best and as moving home is ranked as the 3rd most stressful thing to experience besides death and divorce it doesn’t need to be. Go with the furniture professionals, sit back and enjoy your moving day.
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