Your Moving Countdown

Whether you’re moving homes Locally, Interstate or Internationally, our moving home tips and helpful advice will assist you in preparing and planning efficiently for your move. With our Moving Home Checklist, your moving day can run as smoothly as possible; from your pick up address to your new home!


  1. Arrange quotation with Transcorp Removals & Storage
  2. Create a list of items you no longer need and hold a garage sale, give the items to charity, family or friends
  3. Plan your PACKING – do you require packing materials and/or professional packing services? Call 1300 466 838 to discuss your requirements
  4. Plan your DELIVERY – will you require STORAGE? Transcorp Removals & Storage provides Storage options. Call 1300 466 838 if required
  5. Arrange School, Day Care transfers


  1. Book your Removalist and/or Packers
  2. Investigate additional Insurance Options
  3. Make travel arrangements for your pets and vehicles if required


  1. Finalise your inventory with your Removalist
  2. Book a professional Cleaner
  3. Contact family, friends and businesses regarding the change of your address
  4. Burn off the gas from your BBQ
  5. Dispose of all garden chemicals, paints, fuel and other flammable items
  6. Begin using all foods in your freezer and fridge
  7. Check the Garden, Garage and Shed for any forgotten items
  8. Arrange to have your phone, electricity, gas , water and cable disconnected in your home and reconnected in your new home


  1. Confirm all booking arrangements including vehicles, pets and cleaners
  2. Book elevator access (if required)
  3. Arrange with the Post Office to re-direct all your mail (ask for the Movers Kit)
  4. Collect all personal items which have repaired or loaned out such as dry cleaning and library books
  5. Pack items which you may need immediately after moving such as keys, remotes, passports and mobile phones
  6. Defrost and clean out your fridge/freezer
  7. Ensure your boxes do not exceed 15 kilograms so they do not split apart or damage your personal effects
  8. Mark all your boxes so you know where they need to go in your new house
  9. Considered taking out insurance to cover your goods whilst in transport or in storage
  10. View AFRA’s short video on packing boxes


To save your time, please ensure all your items are marked, packed and ready for uplift

  1. Arrange a space for your Removalist to park (allow 2-3 car spaces). The close we are, the quicker we load.
  2. Pack yourself a survival kit with toiletries tea, coffee, milk, kettle, cups, first-aid kit and other personal items for the day (remember to mark this box!)
  3. Make a final check of your property for any forgotten items, inspect all cupboards, sheds, storage and outdoor areas, and ensure all items you wish to move are loaded on the truck
  4. Ensure all electricity and gas metres have been read and the telephone has been disconnected
  5. Tighten all taps, turn off the water heater and power to the house
  6. Collect and return all keys to the new owner or Real Estate Agent
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