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Why You Should Be Moving to the Gold Coast

Not sure whether or not you should be moving to the Gold Coast? Read our helpful summary on everything to need to know before you make the move.

What Is It Known For?

Queensland is known as The Sunshine State for good reason, with pleasant weather for most of the year. It’s also a bustling tourist area. Residents can enjoy great weather and idyllic beaches, as well as relaxed vibe.

Living costs: Utilities, Food, Renting

To give you some idea of costs when moving to the Gold Coast, utilities for 2 people in an 85m2 flat are approximately $163 per month. Monthly rent for accommodation ranges from $1564 to $2265, depending on the area chosen and the size of the home. The basic lunchtime menu including drink bought in the CBD will cost around $18, while a fast food combo meal may cost about $12.

Real Estate: Buying/Owning

The median house price to expect on the Gold Coast is currently around $630,000. For comparison, the median house price in Burleigh Heads is $855,000, while the overall median house price for Queensland currently sits at $480,000.

Entertainment, Dining, Tourism

Moving to the Gold Coast, you’ll find that it’s a tourism hot spot, with the beaches being one big part of the entertainment equation. There are also plenty of picturesque outdoor areas to explore for hiking and other sports. As for dining and drinks, you won’t be short of places to try, including many healthy plant-based options for those that way inclined.

Career Opportunities

It can be hard to find jobs when moving to the Gold Coast. There’s a booming hospitality and tourism industry, but there’s also a lot of competition for jobs in these sectors. To fuel your dream of living a more sun-kissed and beachside existence, make sure you look for a job before you make the move, especially if your profession is rather niche.


Moving to the Gold Coast, you’ll have some outstanding universities nearby such as Griffith University, Bond University, and Southern Cross University, along with a range of colleges and TAFEs offering certification in different disciplines.

Public transport & travelling

You’ll be able to get around easily on the many buses, trains and trams available on the public transport network. Alternatively, you can simply cycle everywhere on your pushbike, or use your own car.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Moving to the Gold Cost is ideal for anyone who craves more connection to nature, including a beach side residence and warmer climate. The Gold Coast also allows for a more laidback, health conscious lifestyle.

Get Help with Your Move Today

Want to make your life easier when moving to the Gold Coast? Get in touch with Transcorp Removals & Storage. Not only can we help you pack, but we also offer affordable backloading services. Backloading uses excess space on vehicles that are going to your destination to carry your items. Because you share the vehicle with another customer, you can cut the cost of moving to the Gold Coast significantly. Want to find out more? Call us today on 1300 466 838.

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