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The Ultimate Checklist to Move Your House Like a Pro

Moving can be one of the most stressful life changes. Whether you’re moving interstate or simply moving to another suburb in Melbourne, it can feel completely overwhelming. But with the right removalist, you can take away a lot of the stress and anxiety.

As one of the oldest local moving companies, Transcorp Removals & Storage has been helping Melbournians experience stress-free moves since 1987 – that’s over 35 years of moving experience! In this time, we’ve developed systems and services to aid our clients to move more easily and efficiently. We offer furniture storage for those awkward times in-between residences and even pack and unpack services. If you’re searching for “removalists near me”, make sure you choose local removalists who can provide all the services you need.

If you’ve got the time and energy to pack everything yourself, you might like to read on for our top tips for moving your house like a pro in the moving house checklist below. We’ve popped our considerable knowledge on the topic of moving into the ultimate checklist so you remember exactly what to do and when to do it.

Stage 1 – Ten Weeks Before the Move

Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or another property type in Melbourne, preparations for moving house need to begin early. Ten weeks before your move you need to:

Start Decluttering

Buy or source cardboard boxes from local supermarkets so you can start decluttering your home. Changing addresses is a prime opportunity to get rid of items that are broken, irrelevant or of no more use to you. Donate the things that can be of use to someone else, and responsibly dispose of the rest. Having less stuff to move will save you money when it comes time to bring in the removalists.

Stage 2 – Eight Weeks Before the Move

Eight weeks before your move, you’ve got to get the fundamentals in place and start thinking ahead so you’re well prepared. Continue decluttering your home, but also make sure you:

Hire Removalists

One vital step is hiring local removalists. Search online for “removalists near me” and compare companies based on services, cost, customer reviews, and whether they’re equipped to do interstate moves. You should also ask if they have insurance to cover accidental breakage or damage.

Obtain Records

At this time, gather important documentation such as school enrolment details for your kids as well as medical records for your whole family

Stage 3 – Six Weeks Before the Move

At this point, you need to think about the logistics of moving. If your move is interstate, you might need to rent a property temporarily, as well as arranging:

Flight Bookings

Make sure you book flights to your new state if you’re moving interstate.

Insurance Changes

Insurance criteria and policies can sometimes be affected when you’re changing addresses, whether it’s within Melbourne or interstate. Look into your medical, dental, vehicle and personal property insurance policies and see if any updates need to be made.

Stage 4 – Four Weeks Before the Move

There’s a lot to do four weeks before you move. This is a crucial time for essential preparations, so make sure you tick off all of the following:

Photograph Your Valuables

While you should keep valuables with you, having a record of them if they go astray in the move is handy for insurance reasons. Take photos of all of your valuables before the move as a record.

Label Boxes


Ensure that you’re clearly labelling all of your boxes. It’s also a good idea to keep an inventory list of all the boxes you’re moving to ensure everything makes it to your destination.

Measure Bulky Items

Make sure that big items can fit into your new home by taking their measurements and comparing them to dimensions of doorways and entrances. You don’t want any important details to slip through your fingers.

Prepare for Moving Pets

When it comes to moving pets, you’ll likely need to find a pet sitter or boarding house for the day you move. When moving interstate, ensure your furry friend has had any necessary vaccinations and find a secure way to transport them. Some local moving companies offer pet relocation as part of their services.

Contact Utilities

Give your utility companies a call and let them know when you want your gas and electricity turned off at the old place and connected at the new place. Try to get services installed the day before you arrive at your new residence for optimal convenience.

Organise Storage

Storage is handy for occasions where your new home isn’t quite ready for furniture when you need to leave your old residence. At Transcorp Removals & Storage, we provide secure furniture storage for all of your belongings.

Register your New Address

You’ll need to register your new address with your post office, requesting for all mail to be forwarded onto your new place. You can also inform important institutions you deal with such as your bank, health insurance provider, tax accountant and the tax office of your new address.

Stage 5 – Two Weeks Before the Move


Contact Your Moving Company

Confirm your plans with your local removalists to ensure there are no mishaps or miscommunications come moving day. Double check that you have all the insurance you need to cover the moving process.

Request Time Off Work

For a less stressful move that gives you time to settle into your new place, it’s a great idea to arrange a few days off work. Figure out approximately how many days you might need to establish your new home.

Stage 6 – A Few Days Before the Move


Finish Packing

A few days before moving day, you should have finished packing and your boxes should be accurately labelled with their contents.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Your overnight bag will have all your essential items in it that you need within easy reach. It should contain things like toothbrushes, a change of clothes, a towel, toilet paper and deodorant.

Take Apart Furniture

If any of your furniture can be taken apart, prepare to do this task in the days leading up to your move. Pop all of the screws from furniture into little zip-lock bags so they don’t get lost.

Stage 7 – Moving Day


Say Goodbye

For the sake of closure, it’s a good idea to walk around your old place and take a minute to remember the experiences you’ve had there.

Give Directions

When your local removalists arrive, give them your phone number and written out directions to your new residence.

Give Your Removalists a Tour

To ensure you get your boxes put into the right rooms, it’s useful to let your removalists know which rooms are which. You can also put up signs on the doorways labelling each room to make things easier.

Make Payment

Using one of their accepted payment methods, pay the moving bill. If you’re happy with the performance of your removalists, you may want to tip them 10-15% of the fee.

Together Furniture

Now is the time to assemble all your furniture and get some structure into your rooms. It’s the first step to establishing order in your new home.


Now your furniture is all in place, you can start unpacking belongings out of their boxes. Take note of any damaged items you come across so you can inform your removalists.

Need Help with Moving? Call Transcorp Removals & Storage Today

Transcorp Removals & Storage consists of a highly experienced team of local removalists who can help you with removals in Melbourne as well as interstate moves. We also offer a wide range of services to support your move and minimise stress while optimising convenience. If you want the smoothest move possible, call us today on 1300 466 838.

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