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Average cost to move home in Melbourne?

Moving House - Qualified Estimators
Melbourne Removalists Costs – Inspection

Melbourne Removalists Costs – Moving Home in Melbourne may be one of your biggest decisions you have made for a while. There is so much to do and consider to help your move go well and ultimately, stress free. Over the last few decades, Transcorp Removals and Storage have been successfully moving clients to and from Melbourne suburbs, and we would like to provide you with an estimate cost to move in Melbourne including storage and any packing requirements that you may have. If you would like a quote from Transcorp then please click here. Get A Quote Now

A breakdown of approximate costs to move in Melbourne are as follows (Loading and Unloading). This is based on 2 Man & Truck with a moderately furnished home and it could also be translated to also mean 3 Man & Truck (higher hourly rate but a quicker move time), so a similar move cost outlay as per below. If you prefer to find out more about our Melbourne Removalists rates and how charges are determined then please follow Melbourne Removalists Rate Info.

Melbourne Movers - Moving Boxes to the truck
Melbourne Removal Team – Moving boxes to the truck

Summary of Cost to Move Home in Melbourne:

1 Bedroom Place (10-15m3) – Melbourne Removal Cost: $308.00 to $462.00

2 Bedroom Place (16-25m3) – Melbourne Removal Cost: $462.00 to $770.00

3 Bedroom Place (26-40m3) – Melbourne Removal Cost: $616.00 to $990.00

4 Bedroom Place (41–50m3) – Melbourne Removal Cost: $924.00 to $1,232.00

5 Bedroom Place (51-60m3) – Melbourne Removal Cost: $1,078.00 to $1,540.00

Approximate Melbourne moving price guide is based on Transcorp’s 35+ years of moving clients and an average furnished home or a storage facility with the equivalent space. It considers Melbourne moves for the time it take to load and unload your goods to and from the removal truck with easy and close access. You will need to add additional time between to pick up and delivery points. Transcorp offers a similar tool and you can leave your details here Melbourne Estimate Tool.

Other Important Aspects to consider when moving home in Melbourne.

  • Only use the services of a qualified AFRA removalists (Australian Furniture Removers Association) – For your peace of mind, AFRA ensure the removalists have quality standards and work practices in place.
  • Do not just ask for the hourly rate as there are more significant questions to ask as well. Transcorp believe you should not pay for Call Out, Depot Fees or even Credit Card Fees as they should be incorporated within the hourly rate. This is an easy way for the removal company to charge you extra at the end of the move when they have another job around the corner from your move (means 2 or 3 clients are paying call out or depot fees!). Check their hourly rate and ask what it covers (when does the local removal charge start and stop) …is it Door to Door or Depot to Depot? Many customers get caught out as these extra moving charges add up before you know it.

    High Rise Apartment Removalists
    High Rise Apartment Moves – Crane Specialists
  • Melbourne Removals: Your BEST moving option is a single hourly rate (normally 2 man and Truck) – Door to Door that is local to Melbourne CBD. If your removal is outside the Melbourne CBD, then there should only by a fixed (out of Melbourne metro area) ‘travel’ rate to allow for the time/cost of truck to go to the furthest location and back into the Melbourne CBD.
  • Ensure you check the Melbourne removalists credentials (do they have an office?) and can they offer you proper quoting documentation via email with Terms and Conditions (before the move) in case of any discrepancies or questions that you may have.
  • Do the removalists offer storage of your goods? If so, is it their storage facility or are the using a self-storage unit and mixing your goods in with others? It is wise to check the Melbourne removalists storage facility for the safety and protection of your goods. It is too late when the move goes pear shape.
  • Will the removalists double handle your goods if you are going to/from storage as this increases the potential for damages? Perhaps consider a 20ft container option which general means your goods are typically not double handled. The 20ft container and truck turn up to your place and the removal team load your goods once and drop off the container back to the Melbourne removalists storage yard until you request for the container with your goods to be redelivered back to your new place. This is the safest method and also may mean you save on your removal costs as this process is quicker as it eliminates double handling. Using a 20ft container does depend on the size of move you have to go to / from storage. This normally works well for a 2 or 3-bedroom home that needs storage. Obviously larger moves can have multiple 20ft containers that provide the same good outcome.
  • For your peace of mind, can the removalists offer moving and /or storage insurance protection with an official certificate of cover and in your personal name (not the removalists overall company insurance cover)? Be very careful of just promises ‘we break it we fix it’ type of insurance as there are many conditions for the removal company to attempt to get out of a claim. If you are considering removals / storage insurance, it is best to seek an AFRA member as many have the option to provide the correct insurance policies for your move – not just promises.
  • Consider the quality of Melbourne removalists if you are moving precious items including antiques, heirlooms, expensive couches and beds, paintings, pianos, billiard tables or even if they have the proper tools to disassemble and reassemble items that need to be taken apart? If you have children around during the exciting move process, it is more reassuring if you consider an AFRA qualified removal team, as they also need to pass police safety checks and in most cases working with children clearances.
  • Do they have the right tools, trollies, protective blankets, tie downs and most importantly good and safe removal trucks to move your belongings?

Storage (Home Modules or 20 ft. Containers)

20ft Removal Container
20ft Furniture Container
Storage Home Modules
Furniture Home Modules

Weekly Cost: Between $24.00 – $ 75.00 / week

Storage of only a few items may require the use of 1 timber home storage module (normally around $24.00/ week for 6-7 m3 of space). Perhaps you require multiple timber storage modules or your move may get to a size where a 20ft container is a better option ($55.00 / week to $75.00 / week) which will depend on the location it is stored including the storage period and the season. For More Information on Storage at Transcorp Removals & Storage (Australia Wide) checkout Melbourne Storage Information.

Packing & Unpacking of your Boxes

Cost: Between $616.00 to $1,300.00

If you prefer to have your boxes packed – whether it be packing your breakables or a full packing and unpacking service, then Transcorp offer qualified staff to come in and provide the packing and/or unpacking service when you are moving home. For further information regarding this service please refer to our Packing Services.

Valet Pre Packing Service
Valet packing service costs moving Melbourne

Transcorp specialize in valet pre-packing of your precious items and boxes. No removal is too big or too small. Over 30 Years’ experience with highly qualified staff at your service. Read More

Valet Un Packing Service
Valet un packing service costs moving Melbourne

Transcorp specialize in valet un-packing of your precious items and boxes. Hit the ground running in your new home, with our unpacking team and home set up service. Read More

Packing Materials - Box Shop

Quality Packing Boxes and Materials at Best Prices delivered to your door. We also offer bedroom moving packs to make your selection easier. Read More

Transcorp Packing Materials – Moving House


Cost: Between $50.00 – $600.00
Buying boxes as a “Do It Yourself” solution will be cheaper than having packing staff and the cost of buying the boxes can range from $3.00 / small box to $18.00 for a Porta robe. Obviously there are TV boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and butcher paper that will need to be purchased to help safely complete your packing requirements. For a full range of packing materials from Transcorp please visit our Box Shop or call the office on 1300 466 838.

Removal Insurance

Cost: Between $250 – $1,000
Regardless how careful the removalists are, there are circumstances where insurance is a wise option to consider. Although it is not compulsory, there are situations where it may be not the fault of the removal team and taking out insurance offers a ‘replacement value’ rather than without insurance which may be on ‘market value’ or ‘depreciated cost’ depending on age of the item. It is wise to only insure through an AFRA accredited removal member as they can on sell the policy due to adhering to strict guidelines. Refer Transcorp Insurance for more information. There are many varieties to insure your goods, from blanket cover to restricted and /or storage cover, the choice is yours to consider and this is best discussed with a qualified insurance representative from the removal company. Perhaps even consider discussing your options with your own home and contents insurance company to see what they will and will not cover during the relocation process?

Melbourne Removal Costs

Approximate Melbourne Removal Costs
(There are Special Mid Week Offers)
Moves based on Door to Door Melb CBD Area
Call 1300 466 838 for more information
Smaller Move/Few Items
1-2 Bedroom Move
10-25 m3
Medium Size Move
3-4 Bedroom Move
Large Move
5+ Rooms
Melbourne Removal Costs$539.00$924.00$1,309.00
Storage Costs (per week)$48.00$75.00$140.00
Packing / Unpacking Boxes$616.00$850.00$1,300.00
Supply of Boxes$150.00$350.00$700.00
Personalized Removal Insurance$350.00$550.00$800.00
Total Approximate Costs$1,703.00$2,749.00$4,249.00

For any other Melbourne Removal Enquiries please do not hesitate to call Transcorp Removals & Storage on 1300 466 838 or ask for a Quick Quote Now.

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