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What we believe about ‘removals charges’

What we believe about ‘removalist charges’ at Transcorp

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Our “fair charging system” means that unless requested (fixed price), a professional furniture removal company should ONLY charge the hourly rate from the pick up address to the delivery address and stop the time to the nearest 15 minutes with only a 2 hour minimum requirement (Mon-Sat) for 2 man + Truck. This is the fairest way and YOU “the customer” don’t feel like you are paying for someone else’s time. Don’ pay Depot Fees!

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Country Moves

Hourly rate applies to the loading/unloading of the vehicle only. A fixed price applies to the travel time. This way you are not charged if the removal team needs to stop to re fuel, traffic delays etc. Our internal sales estimators will confirm your fixed travel price.

What do we think is fair?

Fair Charges

In simple! We believe a removal company should only be allowed to charge you for the time it takes to do the job and it is up to the removal company to find other work for that truck to fill it’s day up. It is not YOUR responsibility whether they have another job after your removal. If they do have another job after your move, is it fair for two customers to pay Depot to Depot charges when the truck is already on the road? Absolutely not we hear you say! If you have ever ordered a taxi does it charge you from it’s last pick up or do they charge you to it’s next destination? No! Well in our humble opinion the same should apply with-in the removal industry. It is our job to only charge the fair way with no additional removal costs. Please see our removal charges for further details. Transcorp abides by all fair work standards and our employed drivers, jockeys and packers are paid from our depot back to our depot but YOU the customer are not paying for it, we are.

What the competition does

Not Fair Charges

Many companies charge you Depot to Depot charges and/or return time to the original pick up address. You must ask whether they charge you in 30 minutes or 1 hour increments and request to know their minimum hours to perform your furniture move. Do they charge you extra for using your credit card to pay, use the shortest route and/or fuel levy? Well! they shouldn’t, as this should be already incorporated in the price. They will charge you these additionals on not only a furniture removal but pre-packing and/or unpacking requests.

Regardless in what state of Australia you are reading this in, the principal should be the same.

Let Transcorp service your needs – The fair way!
John Christoforidis – Managing Director


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