Local Removal charges

What other Removal Companies May Charge You! Important Information.

Depot to Depot Charges

You are paying the removal company to drive to your job and then back again when they may be doing another removal around the corner! How can it be fair for two customers moving on the same day to be paying depot to depot when the truck is already on the road? The removal company is definitely double dipping on charges and you are paying for it! You should only pay a removalist from your pick up point to your new residence because that is when they are actually working. In Melbourne metro area, Transcorp offers charges as Door to Door NOT Depot to Depot or a Call Out Fee!

Return time

You are paying the removalists to drive back to the original pick up point when they may be going to another job nearby! Some removal companies will charge you back to the original place of pick up when calculating their charge. Not fair!

Minimum 4 hours

Other companies charge a minimum of 4 hours even if the job is less than 4 hours (2 Man + Truck). This is the cost of business and typically one job will follow another. A good removal company will have more work after a small job. If they don’t have other jobs then I they may be a back yard company with minimal experience and have lack of tools, blankets and equipment to cut corners on their costs. Do not let anyone move what you work so hard for. Ask questions because you have every right to!

Nearest 30min or 1hr

Some companies charge you to nearest 30min or by the full hour only. You end up paying a lot extra. Transcorp only charges to the nearest 15 mins after our minimum hours.

Credit Card Fees

You get charged extra for paying by credit card (particularly AMEX, Diner, Visa & Master cards). Anything from 2 to 5% is added to your removal cost. How can that be fair! This is a cost that needs to be considered when their hourly rate is established. Adding to the final invoice is an unnecessary cost to the client.

Road Tolls (such as City link)

Other removal companies forward the costs to you or go the long way (extra time added) when tolls reduce their driving costs. Added tolls can be as high as $20 to $30 extra. Transcorp will always take the shortest and preferred route without charging toll fees.

Lunch breaks

Companies charge you for their staff / contractors to have lunch breaks! You are paying them to go down the road and get food or to sit for 30 min (that may cost you $66.00-$88.00) whilst they have their lunch! Take this off their final removal charge as you have probably also given them drinks and a snack yourself whilst they where working. Transcorp totally understands hard working removalists and they well deserve a lunch break but they MUST take this time off your final removal invoice.

We Break It we fix It (Read their fine print)

Some removal companies offering this have lengthy conditions that almost always voids any claim. Such as you can’t help, you must follow every trolley/carry load, you must see damage done, you may need to pay an excess, maximum claim limit, they decide the repair method etc… You MUST read all of their 1-2 pages of fine print (please ask them to forward these pages to you). These offers are not insurance based they are only a sales technique to get you to use their service and any claims will be considered only ….they don’t have to pay out and will make it hard for you to claim! They also charge you extra per hour to accommodate for claims and this so called “additional” offer. If you need insurance to cover for accidental damages then consider doing it properly and go through a reputable insurance company (like Transcorp) that covers you for these type of damages. Besides selecting the best removal company to look after what you worked hard for, this will be the second most important subject for you to consider. Transcorp is an AFRA accredited member and a qualified insurance provider. We can offer full or restricted cover for transit and/or storage at great rates. We will issue you with a certificate for your policy should you wish to insure your move for accidental damages outside of our control. Read More on insurance

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