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Interstate Removalists

Moving Interstate? Tips and Ideas to Prepare

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Interstate Removal Tips to prepare for your move.

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Besides death and divorce, moving your furniture interstate is rated as the third most stressful experience anyone fears. Therefore, selecting the correct interstate removalists is extremely critical. We have been voted the best removal & storage company for the last 4 years. Regardless, we are always looking to further improve our processes so our customers have a better and seamless interstate moving experience.

Please never only base your decision on price alone as this is a common and major mistake made by customers. It is very easy for any individual to apply and succeed in getting a truck license then advertise as an interstate removalists as there is no current legislation that forces qualifications or compulsory accreditations (eg plumbers or electricians) . With approximately  $700.00 most can get a medium rigid truck license. This doesn’t automatically make them an experienced interstate removalist. If you have every try to load a truck yourself or even attempted to move furniture around your house you would understand the difficulty, equipment and experience required. I strongly suggest you ask the following questions when moving interstate.

  1. AFRA – The first and most important question for you to ask is if the interstate removalists is AFRA (Australia Furniture Removal Association) accredited? Do NOT even consider them if they are not! The application process to become a member of this Association is comprehensive and aims to accept only quality removalists who agree to abide by the AFRA code of contact. The Code of Conduct sets out certain minimum standards expected of members so that clients may, with confidence, place their work with a member.The minimum standards described include company premises, staff, training, dealing with the client, vehicles and equipment, quality procedures and disputes. Only approved AFRA members are allowed to offer full comprehensive transit and storage insurance.
  2. How long has the company (or individual) being performing interstate removals?
    Only let an experienced interstate removalist (minimum 3 years) handle your precious belongings. It takes many years to clearly understand how to wrap, stack and safely tie down your belongings to minimize potential furniture damages.
  3. Who do I call if I have any problems communicating with the removal driver?
    Do NOT directly select a one man, one truck outfit because the interstate removalist is more probable to have problems with times, dates and money and your communication with them will be limited as they are continuously on the road. They may decide to divert elsewhere to make extra money and any extra delays may be risking all of your belongings and you will be totally stressed out. Only select an interstate removal company that has an office where communication lines are always open.
  4. What type of insurance does the interstate removalist offer in case of damages and how do I claim if anything happens?
    Any quality interstate removal company should automatically have insurance for their truck(s), therefore if anything happens to the truck whilst on the road ie. fire, overturning etc then your belongings would be covered provided you have read their terms and conditions. If you require accidental damage insurance including loading/ unloading and movement whilst inside the truck then you would seriously need to consider insurance that covers you for this type of potential damage(s). Only AFRA accredited removal companies can offer this level of transit insurance.
  5. Can the interstate removalists supply a proper written quote including confirming your moving inventory (very important)?
    Any interstate company that is not prepared to supply a written quote including their charges with terms and conditions and cannot attach an inventory of your goods should not be even considered. This is where you are extremely susceptible and the interstate removalist may increase charges when they arrive to pick up your belongings. If you have any problems with their moving service and you have no paperwork to prove what was expected from the outset then you may have major issues. Companies performing removals this way are “Cowboys” and have been known to hijack your belongings until you pay the additional charges. Do NOT risk it!
  6. Do they have testimonials that you can read from happy customers?
    Even though interstate removal companies will boast about how good they are, it is wise to request written testimonials so you may read what others have to say about their experience with them.
  7. What happens if the removalist is running late to pick up or drop off my belongings?
    As most charges are based on competitive “backload” rates it is still important that you clearly understand the interstate removal company’s procedure for unforeseen delays that may occur from time to time. Do they have a corporate office so that you may be updated of circumstances? Perhaps consider booking the entire removal truck or shipping container as this will assist meeting exact dates that you may have requested. Transcorp provide approximate transit times for you to consider.
  8. Do they have a website that you may review?
    In today’s marketplace a web-site tells you a lot about a company and its ability to service your interstate move. Take your time and read through their website content.
  9. Do they have the correct tools to disassemble and assemble beds, shelves etc?
    As strange as it may seem, many small interstate removal companies cut their cost by not having the latest equipment including tools to perform the work correctly. If you require your beds, shelves etc to be disassembled and reassemble by them, then it is important they know about it and are prepared to assist you. Is this service included in the price quote to you?
  10. Are there any potential interstate charges? If so, what are they?
    This is where the “Terms and Conditions” need to clearly spell out any potential interstate charges that may need to be added to your original cost. Most people moving interstate aren’t sure what information to supply to receive a proper quote so please spend time understanding your quote. Over the phone discussions with an interstate removalist on the road will not have much bearing if your move goes wrong.

Thanks and I hope I have assisted with any decisions you may make now and in the future when moving interstate.


John Christoforidis

Managing Director

Transcorp Removals & Storage

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