Learn more about how Transcorp is managing local and interstate moves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving Interstate from the Gold Coast?

If you’re moving from the Gold Coast to another city such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Tasmania, Darwin or Brisbane, chances are you’ll require assistance from a trusted removalist to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. At Transcorp Removals & Storage, our team of experienced removalists are proud to offer affordable interstate removals that can take care of all your furniture and other belongings.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re wondering why you should choose Transcorp to take care of your interstate Gold Coast move, wonder no more! When you choose us, you’ll be choosing a removalist company that has over 25 years of industry experience and expertise. You can trust our removalists to have the know-how, equipment and vehicles necessary to perform your move to the highest standard. We also treat all items with great care to ensure everything gets to its destination intact and in the condition it left in.

If your budget is tight, we offer highly competitive rates. We can also provide affordable boxes and other packing materials, delivered straight to your door to help you get packed without any stress.

For an accurate quote that’s tailored to your needs, contact Transcorp today. Call us on 1300 466 838 to discover how easy your move to the Gold Coast could be!

Approximate interstate travel time to or from Gold Coast (either way):

  • Gold Coast to Sydney (Either way) = 1 to 3 days
  • Gold Coast to Adelaide (Either way) = 3 to 10 days
  • Gold Coast to Melbourne (Either way) = 2 to 5 days
  • Gold Coast to Perth (Either Way) = 7 to 21 days
  • Gold Coast  to Darwin (Either way) = 7 to 21 days
  • Gold Coast to Tasmania (Either way) = 10 to 21 days
  • Gold Coast to Mining Towns WA (Either way) = 14 to 28 days

If needed, storage can be provided.

All transit times are given based on consolidation of loads (Backloading). Depending on the removals performed at the time, it might be possible to deliver sooner than noted.

If your interstate Gold Coast move needs carrying out urgently, we can offer you the use of an exclusive vehicle or container to minimise transit time.

We may use a shuttle van or local removal truck for areas that are hard to access. Please notify your sales consultant so we can organise a suitable solution.

If Transcorp is taking care of your interstate move from the Gold Coast, we can happily arrange a door to door service for motor vehicles, boats, motor bikes, caravans and modified vehicles. This can also include a valet service at the airport for your vehicle upon your arrival (this depends on vehicle transit times). Typically, all of our quotes for vehicle transport include insurance for ultimate peace of mind. To learn move, talk to a qualified representative. Read More

If you need to move interstate from the Gold Coast and have a pet to transport, we can provide assistance. We understand the stress that can be experienced by both the owner and pet, which is why we offer a trauma-free pet transportation service to minimise stress. As long as we’re helping with your interstate move, we’re happy to provide this end to end service to you. Discuss your needs with our qualified estimators today to learn more about our safe and affordable pet transport service.  Read More

When it comes to an interstate move, there can be a lot that needs packing, including kitchen items, clothes, china cabinets, artwork and other precious belongings. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task or just don’t have the time to pack, get in touch with Transcorp. We can provide experienced packers and unpackers at competitive rates to help you get packed. Our team can come in for a minimum of 4 hours or can stay and help the whole day if necessary! We also give the option of charging by the hour or by number of boxes packed (this includes packing materials and labour). Speak to us today to learn more. Read More

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