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Interstate Backloading

What to consider when backloading

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If you are moving interstate and are seeking competitive moving quotes, then you have definitely come across the phrases ‘Backloads’, Backloading Trucks’, Backload Truck’ or ‘Interstate Backloading’. These are extremely common terms for those in the industry, but how does it relate to Interstate Moving Services, and what does Backloading mean for you and your move?

Backloading is the process of paying for occupied space in a furniture moving truck heading in one direction only, or the filling of a removal truck on a return trip.

In essence, if you are requesting Backloading rates, you can expect your goods may be accompanied by another move which is headed for the same or similar destination. Likewise, if your end delivery point is the collection point for another move, the Backloading process is again applied. Backloading and particularly Interstate Backloading is an integral process of the Removals and Transport industry as removals are, by nature, one way journeys.

Backloading is an extremely economical and environmentally conscious process which is performed by most longstanding and professional transport furniture companies. From a consumer perspective, Backloading is a very cost effective way to move your furniture belongings interstate, particularly if your entire list of moveable items amounts to less than an interstate removal truck. So, if you do not occupy the entire interstate moving truck with your furniture, and additional items from another move are included on the same journey, the cost of your interstate move is significantly reduced as you are no longer occupying the total space or covering the overall transportation costs of the interstate removal truck.

From an environmental standpoint, Interstate Backloading allows for fewer interstate removal trucks to perform more travelling time back and forward for other removals, and allows for additional moves to be carried out on the return journey. This clearly reduces both fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

When considering Backloading and Interstate Backloading removalists, here are a few points to consider:

  • Ensure your removalist provides a detailed inventory list. This list will itemise all your effects going on to the truck and minimise any confusion between your goods and any other move included with your Interstate Backloading Move.
  • Remember that backloading fills only typically happen as last minute bookings because this is when the Interstate moving space ‘left over’ is actually determined. This does not mean that your furniture belongings should be treated with less care, so ensure you ONLY choose a reputable interstate removalist.
  • Ensure both yourself and your removalist retains a copy of your inventory.
  • Providing a precise inventory will ensure the correct space in the furniture removal truck is allocated for your interstate move. This is critical, as any ‘other’ items which have not been noted or have been forgotten may not fit onto the interstate truck. The extra goods may be left behind or you may have to wait for the next interstate removal truck to load any goods which have not been noted on your inventory.
  • Overseeing the removalists whilst they are uploading your goods will give you piece of mind; Backloading is the smart way to move interstate!
  • Consider an experienced professional company as they boast long standing procedures and a sound knowledge of the Backloading processes.
  • Flexibility with your dates is most important when considering Interstate Backloading as an option for your move. Remember, Backloading is based on more than one move per truck.
  • For increased confidence, ensure the company you choose to carry out your Backloading interstate move provides staff who can answer your questions.
  • Ensure you have and understand the moving company’s “Terms and Conditions”. DO NOT book a backloading truck over the phone which does not provide any documentation or Proof of your arrangements.

Backloading and Interstate Backloading rates remain a fantastic option to consider when investigating Local and Interstate moves. Why not take advantage of the reduced rates Backloading provides?

Transcorp Removals & Storage is the 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 WINNER of the Australian Achievers Award

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