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Interstate Container Removals – Australia Wide

Looking for convenient interstate shipping container removals for your upcoming furniture relocation in Perth, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia? Transcorp Removals & Storage offers several removal solutions that are designed to eliminate much of the unnecessary double handling and unwanted stress from the relocation process. Typically, a container truck has a better ability to access difficult and narrow streets compared to a large interstate removal truck which could be as much as double the length of a standard container truck. Speak to a qualified Transcorp representative for more information about how our shipping container removalists can assist with your next move.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Containers are typically transported interstate (via the train/ rail network) which means this method is best if the rail network transporting the containers(s) stops in both your pick-up and delivery cities or close by. Example – Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Perth, Brisbane to Darwin, etc. If they do not, then you may find that the interstate furniture removal truck method is a better solution than shipping container removals, as trucks can stop at all places along the way where the rail network does not service.

Regardless, assuming the container method works for you, then the method of consolidating individual interstate pick up requests via container removals can help reduce your interstate moving cost significantly as well. The furniture within the interstate moving containers is loaded, stickered and separated carefully in order of the destination and the client unloading requirements. Depending on your location and direction of interstate travel, the shipping container moving price with our container removalists is very competitive compared to road transport (primarily large rigid removal trucks).

Transcorp – Point of Difference: Luckily, Transcorp Removals & Storage can offer both options, container (via rail) and furniture removal trucks (via road). Transcorp is one of the very few removal companies offering both services (Australia wide), giving you the flexibility of choice and the very best moving and/or storage rates. This will allow you to select the best method of transport depending on your interstate removal and/or storage circumstance.

Storage – Container or Home Modules?

Our shipping container removalists also offer competitive container and home module storage options. Learn more about our two options (container and timber modules) and decide which moving containers solution will work best for you.

Option 1 – Interstate Container Storage


  • 20ft High Cube Container
  • Height 2.6 metres
  • Width 2.4 metres
  • Length 6 metres (air space = 38m3 – cubic metres)
Container Storage (20ft) Recommendations and Procedure –Saves double handling of furniture items!

Ideal if your home, commercial workplace or office move requires storage (short, mid or long term) and will sufficiently fit within one or multiple 20 ft fully equipped furniture container(s) that boast a capacity of approximately 30m3 to 35m3 (cubic metres) of furniture. Our furniture storage / moving containers are designed to safely and securely store furniture and/or office goods. For large shipping container removals to our storage facilities, we can use multiple 20 ft containers with multiple container removal trucks and experienced and highly trained container removalists (minimum 2 men). Our qualified sales representative will confirm your best option and solution once your furniture inventory is determined and provide you with an accurate shipping container moving price.

  • We do NOT double handle the furniture contents in the 20ft shipping container we load for you. Goods are left safely within the loaded 20ft container until you request it to be delivered (Subject to sole use container).
  • Upon your request, we will re-deliver the loaded 20ft furniture container from our storage facility to your new premises with a truck used for container removals.

Option 2 – Interstate Timber Module Storage

Dimensions (approx.):

  • Height 2.4 metres
  • Width 2.4 metres
  • Length 1.7 metres (air space = 9-10 m3 – cubic metres)
Timber Module Storage Recommendations and Procedure – Small to medium storage solutions

Ideal if your interstate home, commercial or office relocation requires storage (short, mid or long term) and will conveniently fit within 1 or multiple home module(s) that hold approx. 7-8m3 (cubic metres) of furniture. Transcorp home modules (timber in design) are designed to safely and securely store furniture and/or office goods. For larger moves to our storage facilities, our container removalists can load / unload multiple home modules without issue. Our qualified sales representative will confirm your best shipping container removals option and solution once your furniture inventory is determined.

Depending on your pickup, delivery location and timing, we will unload the interstate furniture removal truck at our interstate storage facility (nearest to your desired delivery address) and securely lock it up within our AFRA accredited storage premises.

Upon your request, we will re-deliver the goods with our furniture removal truck back to your new premises, whether it’s in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or another city across the country.

Peace of Mind, Every Step of the Way

Whichever option you choose for moving interstate, you can trust Transcorp Removals & Storage to have your interests and needs first and foremost in mind, every step of the way. Your peace of mind is the most important thing to our shipping container removalists throughout the entire container removals and storage process.

How Do We Achieve This?

Our experienced and qualified container removalists (minimum 2 men) arrive with a fully equipped interstate furniture removal truck and proceed to load the 20 ft moving containers / removal truck, carefully using our removal trolleys, straps, furniture blankets and tie downs to safely secure your precious furniture. Our removalists perform an inventory and condition report for your reference at the time of uplift.

Depending on your pickup and delivery location, timing and proximity of the rail network, we will generally transport your moving containers via the train / rail network to our nearest storage facility. Once it arrives at our closest depot to your desired delivery point, we then unload the container off the truck with our large forklifts and have it securely locked up within our managed storage premises.

Our team will carefully place all your items per your desired rooms / areas, making your place easier to prepare and complete. If requested (refer to your sales representative), our shipping container removalists can also assemble beds, desks and cabinets when we deliver your furniture items.

We ask you to sign the document(s) that you are satisfied with your move, and we credit you any unused storage / container removals fees so you can enjoy a lower shipping container moving price.

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As AFRA and SSA accredited removal and storage providers, we can offer very competitive removal / storage insurance for your protection in unforeseen circumstances. We also charge a competitive shipping container storage fee which is paid monthly in advance. For more information on storage or moving containers for interstate relocations in Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, give Transcorp a call on 1300 466 838.

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