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Office relocation is often complicated and expensive. Transcorp’s office moving crates will help reduce your moving costs, substantially improve your efficiency to relocate, and allow your staff to get back to work in the shortest amount of time. Importantly, our office move crates also help to maintain an environmentally conscious and sustainable society.

Our Team

Transcorp’s relocation team works closely with businesses/corporations of all sizes and scopes, from the largest companies to mid-size and small businesses, as well as local, state and federal companies. With hundreds of our office moving and packing crates serving business needs on a regular basis, and with over 20 years of office moving experience, Transcorp’s relocation team has both the knowledge and experience to develop customised solutions for your office or business move.

Please note – Transcorp provides office moving crates for hire only if we are also performing your office relocation. Due to demand, we do not allow hire of office crates by themselves.

The Benefits of using Transcorp’s Office Moving Crates

Our office moving and packing crates offer a range of advantages, including:

  • You only need one office moving crate to two standard book packing boxes, and NO sticky tape is needed, saving you time and money.
  • We offer daily rental charges with delivery and pick-up by Transcorp’s relocation team – Pay only for the time you need the crates!
  • You can save up to 40% over the traditional box move, with fewer truckloads and less manpower needed.
  • Your property is better protected with durable plastic crates and security tags, as opposed to cardboard that can get crushed, ripped or torn.
  • Our office moving crates are designed to suspend manila folders, with one filing draw equal to one moving crate (perfect for refilling the filing cabinet).
  • You can rest assured your items are secure, with a tamper proof security tag option available for sensitive materials.
  • There are specific areas on our office move crates to apply destination labels, making it easier to unload belongings to the correct areas.
  • Our crates are easily Stackable as they’re all the same size, making them quick to transport whether they’re empty or full.
  • Our office moving crates have an environmentally conscious design and can be reused for an average of 17 Years, rather than cutting down trees to make cardboard boxes.
  • Each crate is made from hard and very durable plastic that’s also weather resistant.
  • Our ergonomically designed office moving and packing crates have handles to make them easy to lift and move individually.
  • You can safely pack anything into our office crates that fits inside, reducing the potential of damaging office equipment and information.

Other Environmental Benefits

  • Require 39% less total energy to produce. *
  • Produce 95% less total solid waste. *
  • Generate 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions.*

Specifications of Transcorp’s Office Moving Crates

  • 27″ Long by 18.4″ Wide by 13.2″ High – 675mm Long by 450mm Wide by 330mm High.
  • Volume – 0.1 cubic meters = 3.5 cubic feet.
  • Weight (Empty) – 3.5 Kilograms.
  • Design – Polypropylene Impact Co Polymer Ultra Violet Retardant.
  • You need approximately 4 to 6 office move crates per workstation with a filing cabinet (rather than 10 to 15 book boxes).
  • Moving crates can safely and easily stack inside each other when emptied.

Transcorp’s furniture trolleys can handle 4 or 5 full crates at a time, saving you time.

The Smart Choice for Your Office Move

Transcorp’s office moving crates are easier to use, significantly less expensive and more environmentally friendly for commercial moves than traditional cardboard boxes.

In a time when cardboard packaging material accounts for one third of landfill waste, using reusable plastic moving and packing crates is an important step toward becoming a greener company.

With an average lifespan of 17 years, reusable moving crates dramatically reduce the amount of carbon contributed to the atmosphere, as compared to that of single-use corrugated cardboard boxes. How? When you use plastic crates, you conserve resources by taking advantage of existing products. Our moving office plastic crates are reusable. The same can’t be said for cardboard, which uses tremendous resources to manufacture, transport and recycle – and it can only be used once.

The processes by which Transcorp’s office moving crates are made is another reason why they’re an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard. Using natural gas, the plastic manufacturing process is so energy efficient that it actually uses less fossil fuel per pound than paper making and paper recycling. Plastics manufacturing also generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than paper making and paper recycling.

In addition to the environmental advantages of crate rental, there are also significant economic advantages. Using Transcorp’s office move crates can actually save you up to 40% off the cost of your move with fewer units, less labour and fewer truckloads needed. Contact our team today to find out how your office or business can benefit.

* Information collected by Transcorp Removals & Storage

Our office crates make an office moves efficient

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