Bubble Plain

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  1. Bubble Wrap Roll - 1.5m x 100m (10mm thick)

    Model: P10

    Bubble Wrap (100 m Long by 1.5m Tall) 10mm thick
  2. Bubble Wrap 375mm wide - 50m Roll (Perforated 500mm)

    Model: P1037550

    Bubble Wrap (50 m Long by 375mm) perforated every 50cm
  3. Bubble Retail Pack - 10m (each)

    Model: P1050010

    Bubble Wrao (Small - 50mm x 10m.)
  4. Bubble Wrap (Antistatic Roll) - 1.5m x 100m

    Model: P10A

    Bubble Wrap (Large 100 m - Anti Static) for Electronics
  5. Bubble Bag - Antistatic 480mm x 250mm (10mm Bubble Bag) - Antistatic 480mm x 250mm

    Model: P10BA250

    Antistatic Bubble Bags (Small)
  6. Bubble Wrap 67m Laminated with Kraft Paper (Single Sided)

    Model: P10K

    Bubble Kraft (67 m Paper and Bubblewrap combined) - 10mm
  7. Bubble Wrap 1.5m Wide x 100m, Perforated at 1m intervals

    Model: P10P1000

    Bubble Wrap ( Large 100 m Roll) perforated
  8. International Wrap - Prowrap (High Quality) 100m Long by 1.5m Wide

    Model: P10PROWRAP

    Superior International Wrap (Highest Quality and durable) 100m Long by 1.5m Wide