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  1. 48mm x 75m Vibac Tape - Brown

    Model: 4875VIBBRO

    Brown Tape to close boxes
  2. Two Piece Picture Box (Large)

    Model: 2PPIC

    Two piece telescopic box. Base: Length: 900mm; Width: 101mm; Height: 780mm. Lid: Length: 912mm; Width: 113mm; Height: 780mm
  3. Corrugated Cardboard Roll 1220mm x 10m

    Model: 122010

    Corrugated cardboard roll for wrapping large and bulky items.
  4. Large Packing Paper - 15kg

    Model: 15KG

    Wrapping Items for Packing Boxes
  5. Flat/Trunk Box

    Model: FLAT

    Ideal for use as lay flat wardrobe or linen box.
  6. Flow Pack/Void Fill - Biodegradeable

    Model: FPBIO

    Protection for fragile or loose items.
  7. Flat Wine Box (with NO Bottle Inserts)

    Model: NSCWINE

    Flat Wine Box Req Inserts (WINEIN6BG) for wines/bottles
  8. Map/Plan Box

    Model: NSCMAP

    Box for Maps, Plans or Rolls
  9. Golf/Utility Box

    Model: NSCGOLF

    Golf Box or Loose Tool Box
  10. Flat Box - Airfreight

    Model: FLATAFC

    Super Strong and Super Large Cube Box.