Sydney to Perth

Backloading: Sydney to Perth

Moving house is stressful enough without having to worry about the cost of the removalists. That’s why backloading from Sydney to Perth can be a good option – particularly for smaller loads. This is when you opt to move your goods in the same truck as someone else, helping to reduce transportation costs.

It can also mean moving your goods on a truck’s return journey to its original destination, once it has completed another move. So if you’re moving from Sydney to Perth, you would use a truck that had come from Perth and is now available in Sydney to pick up your goods. This means the same truck is effectively being used for two jobs.

Taking the Hassle Out of Moving Interstate

After 30 years in the industry, Transcorp Removals & Storage have the expertise to complete your moving job promptly and professionally. We take pride in the level of service we offer our clients, handling all items with care. This is especially important in backloading jobs, where goods from different customers are combined in the one truck. Careful itemisation means you can be sure your items will arrive at your specified destination.
For more information on our backloading (Sydney to Perth) or any capital cities across Australia), please contact us.

Backloading: Sydney to Perth – How Long Does It Take?

Approximate travel times are as follows (business days): Please advise us if you require storage:
We also cover all other areas in between the locations noted below. Contact us for more information. Transit Times are based on consolidation of loads (Backloading) to destinations mentioned below and due to the volume of removals performed we may have availability to delivery quicker than noted. If requested, and if you are time critical then an exclusive vehicle or removal container can be requested as this will minimize transit time for your interstate move. A local removal truck (or shuttle van) may be used on difficult accesses. Please notify your sales consultant.

  • Sydney to Perth (Either way)= 10 to 21 days
  • Sydney to Mining Towns WA (Either way) =  21 to 28 days


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