Backloading: Brisbane to Canberra

Transcorp Removals & Storage is proud to offer one of the industry’s leading services in backloading. Brisbane to Canberra moves have been benefiting from our dependable services for years – and we’d love to make you our next happy customer.
Backloading is a great way to reduce costs on an interstate move. It can take the form of either:
Using the leftover space in a moving truck for your furniture (i.e. sharing the truck with someone else’s load)

Filling a truck on its return journey after job completion (rather than letting the truck go back to its original destination empty)

If you don’t have enough goods to fill a truck on your own, then backloading is the smart choice.

Please Note

Because the available space for a backload is typically determined at the last minute, customers requiring this service need to be somewhat flexible with their moving dates.
At Transcorp, the lower cost of this service in no way reflects a lower level in care for your belongings. We use a precise inventory system to avoid mix-ups and ensure the timely delivery of your goods.

For more information on our services in backloading (Brisbane to Canberra), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Backloading: Brisbane to Canberra – How Long Does It Take?

Approximate travel times are as follows (business days): Please advise us if you require storage:
We also cover all other areas in between the locations noted below. Contact us for more information. Transit Times are based on consolidation of loads (Backloading) to destinations mentioned below and due to the volume of removals performed we may have availability to delivery quicker than noted. If requested, and if you are time critical then an exclusive vehicle or removal container can be requested as this will minimize transit time for your interstate move. A local removal truck (or shuttle van) may be used on difficult accesses. Please notify your sales consultant.

  • Brisbane to Canberra (Either way) = 1 to 5 days


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