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2015 National Champion Small Business Entrepreneur

John Christoforidis 2015 Champion Entrepreneur

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John Christoforidis – 2015 Champion Business Entrepreneur

Wishing to first and fore most thank all my staff and contractors for this amazing journey.
Special thanks also to Steve Loe of Precedent Productions, Sponsors, Judging Panel, letter from the Prime Minister Tony Abbott MP, State and Federal MPs present on the Award night.

Since 1987, It has taken 110% dedication, commitment and focus to ensure that Transcorp Removals & Storage develops into the flourishing company that we have today. I have had to realize my strengths and respect my competition, always thinking of new and better ways to perform marketing campaigns, incentives or implement better processes before our competitors could work them out for themselves. This Award is a testament that hard work pays off.

In my opinion, some key points to build a successful business are:

  • Quality Staff retention is a key to long term success
  • Investing time and money into accrediting and providing courses for the development of staff.
  • Understanding and reacting wisely to the marketplace and the economy that drives it
  • I have built a service/ name that I have always believed in and my staff appreciate the same values
  • Creating realistic KPI’s and targets for staff and management (with bonuses) to achieve whilst making it fun in the process
  • Invest back into the company – improving products, services, equipment and procedures.
  • Successful cash flow management whilst encouraging managers to increase profitability in their cost centres.
  • Trusting your staff to make decisions of significance and supporting them if they make mistakes.
  • Leading from the top plays a major role in staff moral and motivation. Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. I always walk in the office happy and will walk to each department and say hello.
  • Customer focused and receiving constant feedback on performance levels. If you have promised it then have we delivered the promise(s).
  • Up selling your brand with additional products and services
  • Ensuring your social and media presence is up to date, regular and positive.
  • Ensuring that our web-site is as transparent and easy to navigate with the user experience becoming paramount.
  • Understanding the environmental impact you may be having and taking necessary steps to recycle what you can or work better/ smarter and save the environment where possible.
  • Lastly – permanent and stable ongoing work is critical to building a successful business.
ii. Key elements that motivate me to develop the business.
  • Remaining one of the key market leaders
  • Give back to the community with philanthropy for the under privileged
  • Training key staff to be better in business development and personal growth
  • Building a strong customer base
  • Becoming a house hold name when needing to move home/office or factories.
  • The thrill of achieving and establishing what you have set out to successfully build many years ago and seeing it come to fruition.
iii. Some of my business philosophies
  • Finding the right medium between work and private life. You are no good if your private life is not healthy.
  • Give back to the people that have helped you get there. Create motivations and incentives for key personnel that have allowed you to achieve your dreams.
  • Do unto others as you wish to have others do unto you. We all dislike hidden charges.
  • Employing a multi cultural team both on the road and in the warehouse that work constructively together.
  • Aiming to be the best at what we do whilst always listening and accepting better methods.
  • Investing back into the company
  • The truth always tells twice. If we can’t do a job or are concerned about our staff / contractors safety then it is OK to say no to the customer and that we will not take unnecessary risks. Transcorp Removals and Storage abide by road rules and OH & S regulations.
  • If we believe that a competitor of ours has a product or service that we can’t provide then we believe the customer should be made aware of it and have the opportunity to engage them. We provide their details.
  • Offer the best solution to our customers request even if it may reduce the sale value to us. This builds honesty and integrity.
  • Successful business development happens over time – It is a marathon not a sprint competition
  • Building our brand with the existing customer base. 80%/20% rule. 60-70% of Transcorp new business has been derived by the existing customer base talking and referring our products and services.
  • Build successful and relevant accreditations and awards.

We are four times Award Winners in Removals and Storage (Australian Achievers Awards), AFRA (Australian Furniture Removals Association), SSA (Self Storage Association) and IAM (International Association of Movers) accredited.

Thanking You – John Christoforidis

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