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Why Choose an AFRA Accredited Removalist?

Whether you’re looking for removalists in Melbourne for a local move or you’re relocating interstate, it’s important to select a trustworthy removalist company. The best way to ensure this is by choosing a company that’s accredited by a removals association, such as AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association). You can rest assured you’re choosing a reputable removalist when you choose an AFRA accredited company.

At Transcorp Removals & Storage, we’re proud to be a member of the AFRA removals association. As accredited AFRA removalists, we can be relied on to carry out moves right across Australia.

Afra Accredited Removalists

12 Reasons to Use AFRA Removalists

  1. All AFRA removalists have met a strict criteria and agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct.
  2. Every Member puts up a financial bond to the removals association to illustrate their commitment to the Code of Conduct.
  3. AFRA Members have the correct paperwork for insurance, quotations, contracts and inventories.
  4. Anyone using AFRA removalists can access information to help them with their relocation through the AFRA Office.
  5. AFRA has a training program available to all Members. AFRA Members are required to provide training for all their staff.
  6. AFRA also provides training tools to Members to ensure their staff perform professionally and safely.
  7. AFRA removalists are required to carry insurance, for their protection and for their clients’ personal safety. They can also offer you the correct Transit insurance to further protect your possessions.
  8. Each AFRA Member has approved premises for conducting their business, secure storage facilities where a member gives this service, and properly maintained vehicles that are appropriate for the conduct of their business.
  9. AFRA acts as a removals ombudsman in Australia, giving the assurance that your removal will be completed with as little drama as possible.
  10. The security of knowing your furniture will arrive and not disappear without a trace.
  11. The assurance that any grievances will be taken seriously and handled by the company in the first instance, AFRA head office if still dissatisfied, and an independent disputes tribunal for adjudication if required. The AFRA Member has agreed to abide by this decision. The client may also take further action through Fair Trading if they are still dissatisfied after this process.
  12. AFRA’s Code of Conduct, which is binding on all members, makes provision for the resolution of disputes between members of the removals association and their customers.

AFRA removalists are required to deal promptly with complaints received from customers. AFRA can act as a removals ombudsman in Australia if the need arises. Customers are entitled to notify AFRA of any complaint about a member, and on such a complaint being made, the member must promptly provide AFRA with whatever information it requests, and fully cooperate with AFRA in the resolution of the complaint.

If efforts to resolve the complaint are unsuccessful, the customer is entitled to have the dispute determined by AFRA who appoints an Independent Disputes Tribunal for this purpose. The member is bound by that determination unless the customer indicates that they are not prepared to accept the determination and commence legal proceedings, or apply to the Department of Fair Trading for a determination. For more information regarding this matter, see Resolution of Customer Disputes.


John Christoforidis
Transcorp Removals & Storage
Proud AFRA Member & Repeated Winner of Removal Company of the Year
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